Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Spring Semester 2014 Necessities

The first day of my spring semester was supposed to start yesterday, but thanks to an overwhelming amount of snow, it did not. And I was actually looking forward to the first day of classes.

That said, technically today is my first day of classes and this is what I'm going to be bringing:

1. My Longchamp Bag (in New Navy): This was a Christmas present that I desperately wanted! My bag I was using before started to tear on the inside. I really used that thing!

2. My MacBook and charger: I'm a Graphic Design student. I need this. NEED. **sidenote: I want to get one of those cool stickers to put on the cover of my MacBook**

3. My planner: I've had this for a while and worked out a new organization system for my planner over winter break. I actually have a Pinterest board that is mostly dedicated to planners. (Is that weird? I don't think so.)

4. Water and a snack: I have a water bottle with me at all times. This semester most of my classes are back to back with 15 minutes in between and I know I'll be hungry. My favorite snack to get at my school is the single serve hummus that comes with pretzel chips. So good!

5. Notebook, sketchbook, pens: I think this kind of goes without saying, but I'm going to need to sketch out my ideas and take notes during class. Still, I know there will be a day when I forget to bring a pen. It's inevitable.

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