Monday, January 12, 2015

5 Road Trip Essentials

I just back from vacation last week. I went on a road trip to Florida and it was so much fun! We went to Universal Studios, Downtown Disney, Lion Country Safari and spent time with family. Definitely a much needed vacation and break away from the cold weather back at home!

After all spending so much time in the car, driving to and from Florida and to all the places I mentioned above, I came up with these road trip necessities:

1. Water
Probably the smartest thing we did was go to the store before we left for Florida and bought a case of water bottles. I drink water more than anything (except maybe ice tea!). It prevents you from getting a soda at each stop you make for food or buying an overpriced bottle of water.

2. Snacks
No, I don't mean chips. Although they are convenient, opt for something healthier that won't spoil. I chose trail mix.

3. Music
Enough said. Make a playlist. Bring CDs. Don't forget the cable to hook up your iPhone/iPod to your car if it doesn't connect wirelessly!

4. Cash/change
This might be a no brainer. Make sure you if singles and change for any tolls or vending machines. Sometimes it's better and less expensive to buy gas using cash rather than credit too.

When you're in the passenger seat and want to take a nap, you'll appreciate this. Trust me.

Are there any road trip essentials I missed? Let me know!

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