Thursday, July 23, 2015

Blogging and Salut Greetings Etsy Shop

Ok guys, you probably noticed that things have been changing around on the blog recently and that I'm not posting as much. You probably guessed it — I'm taking a short break. But I will be back! I do love blogging and learning the ins and outs of it. But I'm turning my focus more towards my Etsy shop now.

You might've checked it out in the past and noticed that it's been empty. I've making cards rather frequently, but I haven't been putting them up. That changed starting today!

Even though I won't be blogging for a little while, you can still find me on Instagram or Twitter. And while we're talking about my Etsy shop, you can check it out here and like the Facebook page.

I'd love to hear your input about what kinds of cards should go up on the shop. Need more thank you notes? Just to say hello notes? Birthday cards? Anniversary cards? Let me know!

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