Thursday, July 2, 2015

So Fearless Goals July 2015

Guys we are half way through the year! Wait since it's July, is it actually more than half way through the year? I hope you all had a fantastic June! Summer has always been my favorite season — I love the heat and the humidity. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but it doesn't bother me.

So I mentioned in my June wrap up that I was changing up how I shared my goals and updated you on where I left off with my previous goals. Let's get into this month's goals!

Personal: Plan a vacation. Photograph more. Get back into my planner more. - It's summer and if it were up to me, everyone would get a vacation. Not sure when or where, but it's going to happen! And I have one awesome DSLR that I want to use way more than I do, so I'm thinking of some hiking/walks up through the mountains or just capturing my daily life more. Doesn't everybody need more pictures of their pets?! I also have been bailing on my planner a little bit and I want to get better about that as well as sync up my paper planner with my digital planner.

Financial: Keep better track of my finances. - I created an excel document to help document my expenses and income, but when I'm out and about, going to several stores in one day, I misplace reiceipts, forget that I bought something at a store. I want to make it a point to write down in my phone when I've bought something so I can reference it when I get home and find a system for keeping my receipts.

Work: Going over planner system for the Etsy shop and finally get that thing opened! Work on my handlettering. Share a post or article I like on Twitter at least once a day. - I sound like a broken record, but this is going to be the month guys, I just know it! I posted a behind the scenes of Salut Greetings last week and have a Pinterest board showing my cards that features some that I've made for my family and friends. As for the handlettering, I'm going to set a side sometime every week to work on it and try out new materials. I have some watercolors and I think I still have some ink and bamboo brushes from an art class I took a while ago. I joined in on #NectarChat this past Wednesday and mentioned that I want to start sharing links that I like — not just the ones I share in my monthly wrap up.

Health: Walk 2 miles atleast 3 times a week. Drink a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning. - I know I've been talking about adding some cardio into my workout routine and I've slowly but surely have been. Now I just want to make it a more consistent thing. And as for the lemon water, I can't even tell you how many articles/blogposts/etc. have talked about the benefits of drinking of warm glass of lemon water in the morning. I love lemon water, but I'm a huge morning coffee person too and I'm not planning on giving that up anytime soon.

Think I'll have enough going on for the month of July? What are your July goals? Don't forget to download the printable to keep track of your goals and if you end up sharing it on Twitter on Instagram, make sure to tag it with #sofearlessgoals or @melissahebbe. Thanks for stopping by!

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