Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Wrap Up

Another month is over! Can you believe we're halfway through 2015?!

**You may have noticed that I haven't been doing #sofearlessgoals weekly anymore. I decided to change that up, so in the beginning of each, I'll share my goals with you awesome people, update you in the middle of the month and finally during the monthly wrap up. You can check out my last #sofearlessgoals post here if you're curious as to what my goals were before reading the update.**

#sofearlessgoals Update

Personal: Keep reading! - I've been pretty good about this! I joined in Kory's The Summer Reads book club and ready Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht and I also joined the NovelTea Book Club, which is starting The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins in July.

Financal: Keep up with my finance tracker. - I was pretty good with this for the most part. I do have to keep better track though.

Work: Make 8 new cards this week. Research product shots. - I'm not sure if I kept up with this goal, but I know I made a lot!

Health: Work in cardio. - You probably won't find my running miles anytime soon, but I'm enjoying taking walks. I'm trying to get up earlier to walk in the morning instead of at night.

What's Going On

This is my first full month out of school. I'm still looking for a full time job, but while I'm doing that I'm taking on freelance work as well, so if you're looking for a graphic designer, check out my portfolio and contact me with your project. I know job searching can make people really anxious, but I really enjoy the process. I look at this as a learning experience and I'm a full believer in that things will happen when they are supposed to. I've made a lot of cards this month! It was full of birthdays and graduations, so that called for tons of card making! A few days into June, we found a scary looking mole on my dog, Riley. It turned out to be nothing, but it still had to get removed. Apparently, some dogs are prone to moles regardless of whether or not they stay out of the sun. We're so thankful for the vet that took care of Riley — she's already back to her old self.

Top Left: I've been working on some hand lettering and shared this free printable with you guys. Top Right: A behind the scenes of my Etsy shop. Bottom Left: Riley did not like the cone after her surgery. I recommend getting a donut like this one. Bottom Right: This is probably my favorite wallpaper that I've made. You can download it here.


You can see all the links I favorited over on my June2015 Favorites Bloglovin' list. Also, make sure to follow So Absolutely Fearless over on Bloglovin' too. That way you'll never miss a post! But here are some posts from the month of June that I think are really great!

Megan from Makewells was back again on Alisa Burke's blog talking about lettering with an ampersand. If you haven't caught her previous posts about lettering (I shared a post from her in May's Wrap Up too), I definitely suggest you checking them out! And while you're there, make sure to check out Alisa's sketchbook posts because they're just as fantastic! I love both Megan and Alisa's work.

I don't even need a side table, but I still want to make this copper pipe table shown on A Beautiful Mess.

I loved Kory's cool and fitness moodboard can't wait to see the final project! I'm loving moodboards lately and how different designers put their own moodboards together.

I love sharing with you guys what's been going on over the past month, but I want to know what you guys have been up to too! So make sure to comment below with what you have been up to this past month or if you blog about it, leave a link.

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