Monday, June 8, 2015

So Fearless Goals 06.08.2015

Last week was great! I worked a bunch on different projects throughout the week and by the time the weekend came around, I was ready to relax and have fun. On Friday, I went to a concert with my sisters. I spent Saturday with my extended family. I haven't seen some of them in a really long time. Then on Sunday, I spent the day with my boyfriend.

So, here's how I did on my goals for last week.

Personal: Read! Go through my pictures from graduation - I finally finished Wild and now I can't wait to see the movie! Instead of starting #GIRLBOSS, I picked up Commencement though.

Financial: Keep up with my finance tracker. - So, so. It's a little harder to keep track of everything on those days when I have to run errands and pick up a bunch of things from different places, but I'm determined to stick with it.

Work: Make 10 new cards this week. Finalize my blog calendar. - I made 8 instead of 10, but that's because I changed my mind on how I'm producing and selling cards. And I think I went over my blog calendar. I actually forget if I did this or not!

Health: More yoga. More YouTube workout. - Isn't yoga a given at this point? I didn't do the YouTube workout. Wish I did though. It works wonders!

My goals for this week.

Personal: Keep reading! - I've always liked reading, but didn't really have the time during college. I usually end my days by putting a Pandora station and reading. Right now I'm in the middle of Commencement.

Financal: Keep up with my finance tracker. - Enough said.

Work: Make 8 new cards this week. Research product shots. - I can't wait share the cards I've been working on with you guys! I also want to figure out different ways of photographing the final product.

Health: Work in cardio. - This needs to happen for real! I'm not a runner, but I'll walk for a while.

What are your goals for the week? Share down below. If you'd like the printable I'm using, you can download it here. If you share it on Instagram or Twitter, tag me @melissahebbe or use #sofearlessgoals so I can check out your goals for the week. Thanks for stopping by!

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