Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekly Wishes 04.06.2015

Hope everyone had a wonderful Passover and Easter!

Last week's weekly wishes:
• Continue with the walking program: Ha. No. It just didn't happen. Maybe once school winds down some more, I'll be able to make time for working out.
• Update my Behance account: Semi done! I put up a few new projects and updates, but I still have more to put up.

This week's weekly wishes:
Get my portfolio book: We're working on our printed portfolios in class now and I finally settled on what kind of book I want. What do you guys think about me writing a post about putting together portfolios? There's a couple ways to do it: print, website and an iPad/tablet publication is what I'm going to do. Even if you just look a print alone, there are so many ways to approach it!
Start working on my job search: I'm definitely interested in some kind of full time work when I graduate, but I also want to freelance. I'm actually starting to work on some branding for a friend – I'll share more about that project later!

What are your goals for the week?

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