Monday, May 18, 2015

So Fearless Goals 05.18.2015

I don't know about you, but I love the start of a new week. It's like a little mini New Year's Day for me. A whole new week can change everything. Does anyone else feel that way or just me? Anyway, last week was awesome! I finished up finals and was officially cleared to graduate. I decided that there are two kinds of college graduates: those who scared beyond belief and those who are excited beyond belief. I'm the second one. While I'll miss seeing my friends everyday, I'm looking forward to getting a job, becoming more independent and having time to do things that I wasn't able to while going to school. I guess I'm a half glass full kind of person.

Alright, enough of my rambling. Let's talk about last week's goals.

• Personal: Work on my garden. - I think I changed my mind on this one. I went to a greenhouse over the weekend, but they didn't really have what I was looking for. Don't get me wrong, they had amazing plants. I was looking for specific one though, so I think I'm going to pass on growing my own garden this year.
• Financial: Keep looking up better ways to keep track of my finances - I didn't quite look things up, but I thought about how I want to track my income and expenses. I think I found a way.
• Work: Apply to at least 2 jobs. - Done! Fingers crossed everybody!
• Health: Keep up with yoga. Go hiking once. - Of course I went to yoga. I didn't go hiking though.

Here are my goals for the week!

Personal: Get my clothes to the cleaners/tailors. Decorate my cap!!!! - I have a stack of clothes that either need to be professionally cleaned or need new buttons. I've been meaning to get this taken care of for a really long time. I'm walking this week and I'm planning on decorating my cap. Make sure to check out my Instagram for pictures of that!

Financial: Work on a financial tracker printout. - I came up with an idea last week on how I want to keep track of my finances. I want something that will show my income and my expenses and think I finally came up with a way to do so.

Work: Blogging planner. Future of Etsy shop. - I've been wanting to put together a blogging planner. I blogged about how I keep track of my blog posts in my planner, but I want to put together something that will track my stats, notes for blog posts, etc. If you have any suggestions on what to include in my blog planner, let me know! And I've been seriously slacking on my Etsy shop. The only cards on there are from Valentine's Day and I've made a bunch since then. With school now over for me, I'm looking forward to focusing on my Etsy shop more.

Health: Work in more cardio. - Yoga is so much fun. It can be more of a workout that you realize depending on the class you take. Some are not as intense as others, but I am still a big fan of yoga and recommend to anyone who is willing to try it! Still, I need to work in some new cardio. I've never been a runner (seriously, like never), but I was considering trying out the CouchTo5K app. Any thoughts?

Thanks for stopping by. If you join in with my goals printable and share it on Twitter or Instagram, make sure to use #sofearlessgoals or leave a link to your blog post down below so I can read it. Hope you guys have a fantastic week!

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