Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Wrap Up

So long May, hello June! And summer! I really like these monthly wrap ups. I hope you do too!

What's Going On

May has been the most exhilarating month ever! First off, I graduated college. I can't believe it! Some people are afraid of leaving college/school. I don't blame them since that's what they've known most their lives, but I love it! I'm still looking for a job (I'm taking on freelance work by the way, so if you're interested, contact me here), but I'm enjoying the time between finishing school and finding my first job. For instance, my best friend texted me on my last day of finals asking if I wanted to buy last minute tickets for to a Brad Paisley concert. I said heck yeah, of course! I started yoga back up too. You probably know that already if you follow me on Twitter because I tend to mention it a lot there. I also started working on more cards for the Etsy shop and have put in some thought of where I want this blog to go. So overall, this month has been intense and I'm absolutely loving it!



 A Beautiful Mess was on par this month with their crafts. I want to print out all my pictures in black and white now so I can use this hand-coloring technique. And how cool would it be to make your own stamps!

Free People shared the meaning of home and it truly hit home.

I love reading Alisa Burke's blog especially when she shares pictures of sketchbook. I'm astounded by her talent. Earlier this month, Megan from Makewells posted how to include hand lettering into your sketchbook on Alisa's blog and wow were her journal pictures beautiful!

Can't wait to try this letterpress effect technique on Photoshop that We Lived Happily Ever After posted!

Olivia wrote Your Future Self Wants You To Slow Down and I couldn't agree more.

This is a recipe that I need to try very soon! Stacia and Kate shared a delicious chicken recipe on Stacia's blog, Paper Swallow Events.

Hope you all had a fantastic month of May! Yay for the summer! What have you all been up to this past month?

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