Monday, May 4, 2015

So Fearless Goals 05.04.2015

Last week I announced how I was going to keep up with sharing my own goals now that the Weekly Wishes series is over. I'm a huge goal orientated person, so I still wanted to keep up with sharing my goals and I still want to hear what your goals are. If you'd like, you can download my free printable which can help you keep track of your goals if you're the kind of person that needs to write things down for them to actual happen (like me!). If you end up using it, be sure to leave a link to your blog below or use #sofearlessgoals on Instagram or Twitter.

• Enjoy my last week of classes: Totally! Well, as much as anyone can enjoy class (you know what I mean). My friend and I spent some time outside working on our 3D type project #morethanaverage. You might've seen me post a picture on Instagram. And I'm starting to wrap up my final projects.
• Walking: Nope, that didn't happen.

Here are my fearless goals for the week:
Personal: Get a new sketchbook - I usually get a new sketchbook every semester, but I'm no longer going to be a student anymore! *gasp* So I'd like to get a new sketchbook. You might've caught my job search post last week. I mentioned that even though you are no longer a typical student, that doesn't mean you stop learning and I'm totally holding myself to it. Even though, I'm not going to be going class anymore, I'm still planning on working on other things. For instance, I'd like to work on calligraphy more... hence the new sketchbook.
Financial: Look up better ways to keep track of my finances - I got lazy with this last month, but I don't want to continue being lazy with it. This month I want to look up better ways on how to budget my money and keep track of expenses and then implement that new system maybe mid-May or next month.
Work: Get going on my website - I bought my domain, signed up for a host, but now I just got to get going on working on the actual site. I have a Behance account and while I love it, I need/want my own site as well. I'll be making mine through Wordpress.
Health: Start yoga back up again -There's a new yoga studio opening nearby and I just signed up with them the other. I have three classes planned so far and can't wait to start yoga back up again this week.

What are your goals for the week?

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