Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Creating An Art Journal

**DISCLAIMER: For a class assignment, we were to create a journal using print-outs from different sources and analyzing the type on those print-outs. I found most, if not all, of these images on Pinterest, but I do not have individual links for these images. I created this post to show a class assignment. If you are the owner of the original images I used in my journal, please contact me so I can properly link to your page. Thanks for reading!**

I pretty much said in the disclaimer that this was a project for school –  for my typography class. I didn't just want to use a plain journal, so I dressed it up a bit.

I bought the original journal at A.C. Moore and made a book cover out of kraft paper. The original cover was bright green. The color didn't bother me. I just wanted a neutral color.

For the inside pages, I found some free digital scrapbook paper and printed that out on oversize tabloid paper. I cut it to size and glued the scrapbook paper on each page. As I kept doing this, the journal was becoming overstuffed. I realized I wasn't going to need every page in the journal, so I took some of the pages out. If you aren't able to print out over sized paper, you can buy some larger scrapbook paper at a craft store.

My professor suggested that each week have a theme. One week I chose hand lettered envelopes. Another week I picked out candle packaging. I used a BIC Mark It pen to write on the pages. It didn't bleed or smear on the scrapbook paper.

I really enjoyed making this journal. Do you guys have any journal tips or tricks?

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