Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekly Wishes 03.09.2015

I had a short week thanks to a snow day on Thursday and classes being canceled on Friday, but I spent all of that time sick. If you follow me on Instagram (which of course you do!), I did get to make some homemade soup, which I'll post later in the week. It wasn't all a lost though. I watched a lot of Netflix and got so much work done (yay for productive days!).

Now for last week's weekly wishes:
• Finish up my book covers for my Senior Show: Done! I'll have to print them out to see if there are any little adjustments that need to be made, but these are done.
• Decorate my planner: Also done! After working on school stuff all day Thursday, I spent part of the night decorating my planner.

This week's weekly wishes:
Make a plan for spring break: Next week is my last spring break! I'm graduating in May. I'm trying to get as much work done at school this week so I don't have to come back too much on my week off to get ready for my show the following week. My boyfriend and I want to stop by some flea markets. St. Patrick's Day and my sister's birthday is that week as well.

What are your goals for the week?

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  1. Mm, homemade soup sounds like a great idea and I'm not even sick! Good luck with getting things done before spring break. Since this is your last one, you really need to be able to enjoy it!

    1. It's delicious! I had it for lunch today even though I'm no longer sick (yay!). I linked to the recipe I referenced on today's post if you're interested in making it. And thank you! I've been running around all week trying to get things done, so next week I can relax some.