Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February Wrap Up

I think I mentioned this in my Weekly Wishes post, but I can't believe this month is already over. I decided towards the end of each month, I want to put up a blog post summing up the month: what's going on, maybe some Instagram posts (because it's like my favorite app in the world), links I found interesting, etc.

What's Going On 

February was a great month! I had a wonderful Valentine's Day and so far have been enjoying my last semester of college. My Senior Show is in March, so I've been working like crazy to get everything done since I have to send projects off to the printer soon. I developed some personal branding, which I'm so excited about. And I re-branded Salut Greetings! Ahhh!  I'm planning on launching the new branding soon and also putting up some new cards in March.


I joined Stacia's #shakeitupdaily photo challenge this month. It was so much fun! I'm planning on printing those photos out to put in my scrapbook.
Top Left: Snow on Valentine's Day / Top Right: My kitten Charlie
Bottom Left: A sunny day in winter / Bottom Right: Part of my senior project


– I'm so looking forward to doing this once spring comes and the snow melts: DIY Pressed Flower Prints
– I found this so incredibly helpful and have used these resources a few times since reading this post: 30 Free Stock Photo Resources For Your Blog Posts
– I've been reading Kory's blog for a while and love this post about what she learned from her 3 years of blogging.
– Hand lettering is becoming my new favorite thing in the world. This post really helped narrow down what tools you may need to do some hand lettering yourself.
Elsie from A Beautiful Mess blogged about her trip to Charleston, one of the places I'd like to visit one day.

How was was your February? What do you have going on for the month of March?

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