Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekly Wishes 02.02.2015


Hooray for my first Weekly Wishes! I've been a fan of Melyssa's Weekly Wishes for a while and I am so happy to join in on this series. This may or not may not be a Weekly Wish (I guess it depends on how you look at it), but my blog goal for February was to post my own Weekly Wishes every Monday. I've been wanting to blog more consistently (I must sound like a broken record now for the amount of times I've said that), so instead of jumping in head first, I thought a better approach to that was to add a blog goal for every month. I'm so excited about this one!

I'll stop with the rambling now. Here's my Weekly Wishes:

Attend two yoga classes: I joined a new yoga studio and attended my first class the other week, but with the snow and not feeling so well, I let my yoga attendance slip.
Make atleast 5 new cards: I opened up Salut Greetings on Etsy last month and sell handmade greeting cards made by yours truly. I'm planning on setting aside a few hours to get a couple of cards made and up on my Etsy shop. I'm curious: what kind of cards would you be interested in seeing (birthday, thank-yo
u, etc.)? Let me know! I would love your input!
Get ahead on my typography journal: I'm in my last semester of college and taking an advanced type class. One assignment we have throughout the semester is to find examples of type and write about them. I've been into making my journal look pretty, but haven't been doing so well in the writing part of the project. (Oooh, would that make a good blog post in the future?!)

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Weekly Wishes and good luck on yours!
One more thing, I'm following the #shakeitupdaily photo challenge on Instagram this month from the Paper Swallow Events. Here is Stacia's post about the challenge. You should totally check it out!


  1. Melissa, your cards are so pretty! The ones you have up so far are perfect for Valentine's Day. When I look for greeting cards, I tend to look for 'just because' cards that I can use for nearly any reason. Having some evergreen cards might be a good next point for you, so you don't have to worry about taking them down right away. Good luck with all of your February goals!

    1. Thank you Robyn! Truly appreciate your feedback on the cards :) Definitely working on some just because cards and some box sets too. I'll look into those evergreen cards as well.